Youtube ICO promoters/review channels and price predictors!

At ICOhunt we provide you with Listing of upcoming, active and ended ICO projects. We also can rate ICO’s independently, while one of our main goals remain the same. We want to educate as many people as we can about cryptocurrency, how it works, what are cryptocurrency and common questions – what, why, when? And because of that, we have decided to add Youtube streamer section where we will be providing you with information regarding active youtube channels that are cryptocurrency related. We are more than sure, the more people know about cryptocurrency, the more successful they are with their investments. At ICOhunt, we have our own crypto experts, but we always are happy to let you see independent opinion regarding everything.

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Youtube ICO/crypto channels with most subscribers

Doug Polk Crypto
201,952 subscribers
147,500 subscribers

Youtube ICO/crypto review channels – rising stars

Crypto News ( Russian )
5,424 subscribers

Youtube ICO/crypto signal channels